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Work With Me

Thank you for your interest in working with me. Currently, I offer basic packages in 4 different areas for your life. These areas are: 

  • Business
  • Family
  • Money
  • Authoring Books

You can view summaries of the coaching packages I have in these areas below. If you are in need of a package that is not listed, use the form below to request a custom package.

Business Consulting

My monthly business consulting package is for entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business from $10,000 or less per month to $15,000 or more per month. This package is not for entrepreneurs who are new to the game. It's for the entrepreneur who is clear about what they want, brings in a consistent income and are ready to dominate! 

My 60-minute Business Power Call is for the newer entrepreneurs who need the proper guidance to get clear on their business goals, find hidden money within their business, solidifying a scalable system and process for maximum profit, plus more. 

To learn more about the areas of business I can help you in and how to decide which consulting package to select, click the button below.


Parent/Child Relationship Coaching

I have a pretty amazing and close relationship with my children. However, I noticed that there's not a lot of information or coaching that helps you improve your relationship with your children. There's some for careers, business, and boyfriend/girlfriend - wife/husband.

There's not much out there on how to refocus your children, how to get them to change their behavior on their own without too much of a punishment. I was raised with whoopings and constant punishment with a parent that never tried to figure out the why behind my behavior. It would be in my nature to just to do what I know to do but I wanted to train my children differently. 

Because I've had so much success with redirecting my children, building a strong bond with them, and getting them to apply biblical principles to their lives... all without many spankings, I've decided to help other parents in this area. 

I will coach you to successfully building the relationship you desire with your children and reinforcing that relationship by actually guiding them to live their best life. To find out more about the package I offer for parent/children relationships, click the button below.

Money Manifestation Mindset Coaching

My Money Manifestation Mindset Coaching helps you take a look at your money challenges, your beliefs about money and looking underneath the surface to get to the core of the belief, the money habits you need to create and break for manifestation. Also, I'll coach you through a very powerful money manifestation meditation and visualization like you've never seen before. 

Why do we attack all those areas in my coaching? Well, while most people teaching you the law of attraction, they leave out the ACTION that's required after you do all the meditations, visualizations, prayer, and kumbayas. I think it is important to clean up shop, get your mind right, your habits right, and your actions right to consistently and successful manifest the money you desire to have.

Because it's so intense and I need your undivided commitment, based on your schedule, you can select 7-day coaching or you can choose to spread it out to 14 days or 21 days. Same total hours, the same amount of work to do, but the number of days you choose will work best for your schedule. 

Book Writing Coaching

My book writing coaching program is 6-weeks long. I have taken into account of what's needed before, during, and after you write your book. Not only will you learn how to prep for your book, how to develop your content, and how to publish your book from start to finish, you will also learn how to promote your book.

Not only will you learn how to promote your book, I teach you how to find ways to monetize your book. You'll create one book and learn how to create 5-10 new streams of income by monetizing your book to the fullest.