shekenya harris the mogul


Love this message! As a mother of 5 children I truly needed this blessing that teaches how important time management is. Thanks, for all that you pour into us women. You are needed and appreciated! ~Sharee Wallace

“I just want to thank you for the positive words you have spoken in your book I seen myself in that book, from beginning to end my mouth just drop. It’s as if the Lord told you to write this book to me … when I just sat and just thought about all of this all I could say was Lord have mercy !!!! Thank you …” ~Nunu Fills

Shekenya, I thoroughly enjoyed this class. Yes, you are truly your authentic self. Just today, I was asking God to give me clarity of purpose. I will need to listen with my eternal ears.God bless, ~Felicia Bentiné

“Thank you so much. Every word you said is true. I’ve already started praying and I don’t even live in the same city he does anymore but I know for this pain to had followed me is because I have not completely let him go. Your right, I have to let go. Thank you again for responding and your advice. You went through that to help women just like you. I really do appreciate it and may God bless everything your hands touch in Jesus name.” ~Nikki Crawford

“Hello, Shekenya,
I did not get a chance a to write the assignment down, but I was watching my emotions and how they controlled me during the day. The day you sent the assignment it was meant for me because I was already getting into my emotions and my feeling and then I read the email. As I stated before I was not able to write the things down but I was able to mobilize my emotions. By changing my thinking about certain situations in my life. That Friday I had to take my niece to work and she got into my car with an attitude, not because of something that I did but for other reason. Well, it made the ride to work seem very long and I began to get angry. Here I am getting up to help you get to work, and you have the audacity to have an attitude with me, I had on my music and began to sing loud and praise God for the day he had given me. Usually, I would conform to her day but I declared that she would not dictate the shape of my day, I give the power to myself to have a good day. Now you can have a miserable day but I am not, I decreed and declared that and began to sing and praise and if I tell you the atmosphere change in that car. She began to praise and laugh and all was well, but if I didn’t take notes of her attitude and then if I reacted to her attitudes things could have went totally sour that morning, But God saw fit to divert the plan the enemy had for that day. Thanks again for the assignment because I wouldn’t even been looking in that direction if you didn’t send me the assignment and it was on my mind. Thanks.” ~Tamara

“Hey, yeah I did part one and it opened my eyes to see that I need to let all of that negativity go. However, in just writing those things down it began to break up the fallow ground of my heart. I was able to see that I’m not even open to being loved. I reject the very sense of it. Because of the traumatic things that happened. I realized that fear has gripped me so bad that the familiarity of an honest, loving person attempting to reach me I shut it down. So I have to be bold, courageous and trusting enough again to being open to receive love. That’s a lot but I believe that’s my cure. Another thing that happened after making that list was it occurred to me that no man is going to be perfect. They are human just like we are. He will have flaws but it’s heart intentions toward me that I have to look at. I also have to realize that he may not say everything to me that I want to hear but it would be for my benefit. I can’t turn away from him because he’s not afraid to check me in love. #ivewatchedtoomuchtv. LOL but thank you because I’m so glad I did this assignment I had no idea all of this would come out.” ~Linda Hill