Joel Osteen’s Member Attacks Street Preacher

Ladies and gents, I recently came across a video that showed a “member” of Joel Osteen’s church attacking a street preacher. Now, I’m not the type that will sit up and beat someone down about their actions… not even in the church because we are all spotted people…but I thought it was quite interesting to see this go down.

It’s amazing to me that people will provoke other’s in the Body of Christ and then say, “I thought you were a Christian,” when said Christian react. I feel like I’m about to get ahead of myself so let me take a step back.

I will not share the video because I’m not about to spread that but, in short, some street preachers went out to where Joel Osteen was having some type of event. I’m unsure if the event was held at his church or at another location. These street preachers called themselves sharing the gospel, which was fine until they started bad mouthing Joel Osteen and pointing at the lady that pushed one of them and calling her a whore.


Yes, I understand that she pushed him, however, it was a reaction.

I’ve heard that Joel Osteen was a prosperity gospel preacher. I’ve heard that about T.D. Jakes as well. I, personally, can’t make that judgment because I don’t follow big preachers like that and from what I have listened to from these men wasn’t all prosperity. I’ve heard them speak about Jesus and salvation before. They may be prosperity preachers but I don’t know what criteria one has to meet to be considered a prosperity preacher.

The prosperity gospel was the basis of the street preachers showing up where they were and bad mouthing Joel Osteen.

Here’s my thing. If you want to bad mouth me, you’re free to do so but do that online or somewhere in your personal safe place. Don’t come in my space attacking me and think no one is going to react to it…because I just may react and you probably wouldn’t like it. I couldn’t care less whether you caught it on video and posted it. But that’s just me.

These street preachers:

  • Went into their space
  • Bad mouthed Joel Osteen who is a leader to a lot of people whether you like it or not (and because he’s someone’s leader, somebody may/will react), and
  • Called a woman a whore and kept repeating it

Now let’s be real for a minute.

  • Saved or not saved, if someone finds you and starts verbally attacking you, you will feel some kind of way and you may verbally or physically attack back.
  • If someone starts attacking someone you truly care about, you are going to jump to defend them even if they are silent or you will at least want to.
  • 100% of the people who go to church are spotted. Meaning we all have flaws.
  • Being saved doesn’t always mean a person has been delivered from putting them hands on you, lol, or their attitude.

Unless your HolyGhost is on Jesus’ level, you’ll probably at least want to lay hands on somebody in a not so praying way if they ever pulled a stunt like this on you.

Ultimately, I feel like the street preachers were wrong. Why? Because there is a way they could have gotten their message across without provoking other churchgoers to defend their leader.

Do I believe in street ministry? Yes, I definitely do. However, street ministry is you hitting the streets to minister to the sinner. Not you posting up at another church UNLESS GOD instructed you to do so. I just don’t believe God instructed them to do that. I could definitely be wrong but I have a strong belief that God does things according to order and not stir up the confusion.

There will always be people who get upset about the preaching of the word. I’ve watched it happen but those street preachers preached the gospel. They did not verbally attack anyone and no one ever laid a hand on them. Some people told them to shut up and to go away but they never physically attacked the street preachers.

That’s my point! You can preach the gospel. You can do it in order. You don’t have to be quiet about God. Don’t let no one quiet you about God but don’t let your flesh influence you to start confusion. No one will receive you that way.

When are you going to minister the Word of God, ask yourself whether it will edify the hearers? Or will it draw them closer to God and push them away?

I know you’re like, “But what about the girl that pushed the street preacher?” Yes, I do feel like she was wrong, too. We have to have better control over how we react to things. However, a reaction is typically what you get when you go out your way to bother someone.

The video is a little dated but I saw someone post it in the effort to have people look at the situation negatively because Joel Osteen’s name was in the title so I wanted to talk about the issue at hand… well, the issue I feel is at hand.

I don’t have a church (I don’t pastor) but if you come for me on certain platforms online, you’re going to run into a group of people who will react way before I do and they will hurt all of your feelings to the point I will never have to react or respond to you at all.

That’s kind of what I saw happen in the video.

All in all, whether you’re in the church or not, stop coming for people unless you’re ready for the hands… because, again, some people are not delivered and they will use every opportunity to give you what you’re asking for… THEM HANDS! LMBO


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