I See a Man Prank Gone Wrong

Today was a pretty cool day. We got up, relaxed a little bit, and headed out. The first thing we did was hit up Publix for subs and salads. We walked out with subs, salads, tea and soda, cheesecakes, fruits and some healthy chip sticks. Don’t judge us. We had a balanced diet today, lol.

We were supposed to go to the library after we left Publix but we figured the library probably wasn’t a good place to go with all the stuff we had just purchased. We ended up heading to the park instead.

Once we found our chill spot, we dug in our food and chatted about some random things. Me being me, I looked over to my right side, looked at a black pole that had yellow tape around it due to the damage from Hurricane Irma, and said, “Why is he just standing there? He’s been standing there for about 10 minutes.”

SIDENOTE: Pranking people is one of my all-time favorite things to do. I know I’m in my 30s but pranking folk is so fun. I’m like a big kid in a grown up’s body. I’m 100% okay with that.

My kids turned and looked over at the area I was looking at and they swore up and down that they didn’t see the man that I kept talking about. We went back and forth for a good 10-15 minutes talking about how I’m not playing and see this weird mystery man and how they didn’t.

Then, trying to prove I was pranking them, my children started taking pictures of the area I told them the guy was standing. It was my youngest son first. I wasn’t paying much attention but his picture was in the wrong area yet I said, “Yes, I see him in the picture.”


When my oldest son took his picture, he told me that my youngest son’s picture wasn’t even in the same area. You know I had to flip that thing around real quick to keep from busting myself. I told him, “Chile, I know. I was just messing with him. He knew that was the wrong spot.”

When my oldest son showed me his picture and ask me to point the man out, I did just that. Then the same for my daughter. Then I told them that they need to stop playing so much and stop acting like they don’t see that man. I pretty much flipped it like they were trying to prank me.

Here’s when the prank turns left.

Let me say this first. We are a God-fearing family. We love God and it’s okay if you consider us a Christian family. These facts are the reason this prank went left, lol. My son wasn’t having it. So here’s what happened.

My oldest son decides that I needed to pray and because I wouldn’t pray over seeing this made up creepy guy, he decides it’s time to get some pastors involved. It went from, “You need to pray,” to, “I’m going to get a pastor to pray for you.”



It was too funny to me. At first, I thought he was playing and that he still thought I was playing until he started calling the different pastors he “needed” to contact to see if they can pray for me. He said he was going to tell them that I’m seeing a man that none of them was seeing.

He was really about to messenger call one pastor. Like SERIOUSLY about to hit call! I had to tell him that I was just playing.

Prank dead!


It lasted a good lil minute before I was forced to tell them I was pranking them. These dang Christians!!! LMBO

Have you attempted a prank that went wrong? Share it in the comments.

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