3 Reasons I Don’t Play Games with T.H.O.Ts

It’s a shame that there are so many women that are okay with being a side chick. I saw one lady say that she would rather be a side chick because the side chicks get more time than the guys’ main lady or wife. I’m not denying that that may be true but that really only happens when you’re dealing with a joke.

My biggest question, then, would be, “Why don’t you value yourself enough to make him make a choice?”

It is too many women out here not valuing themselves enough! Of course, I’m not talking about the women who don’t know they are side chicks because the man has lied so well so far. I’m talking about the side chick who knows. The ones that are proud to be a side chick. And the side pieces that get out of line and don’t stay in their places.


Why be proud to be someone’s side piece when you can be proud to place some value on yourself and get your own man? To think that every man cheats or gives a side piece all his time is crazy and that’s not the life you should be aiming to live. But I digress!

This isn’t about the side pieces that could stop the cheating by standing for something other than laying on their backs for another woman’s boyfriend or husband which “could” stop T.H.O.Ting altogether… unless the guy like men but that’s a whole nother post for a whole nother year.

This is about the men and why I don’t play these games with men who cheat.

First of all, I’m one of those women who’s like, “Listen bruh, if at any point I’m not what you want or not enough for you, let’s just end it.” So off rip, I’m not with it!

I don’t play games with T.H.O.Ts period. Their side chicks are sometimes crazy and I have 3 children that need their mother.

Now, I won’t act like I will straight up leave my husband but what I do know for sure is that he will only have but a short period of time to get his stuff together. I’ve never been married before but I have enough sense to know that it’s more challenging to throw away a marriage than it is to throw away a boyfriend.

If it’s a boyfriend, he’s gone when I find out! If it’s my husband, there’s a chance I may try to work it out but he may be gone as soon as I find out for the 3 reasons I’m about to give you in a second. These reasons will always be there whether boyfriend or husband.

I just hope my husband doesn’t even risk it because the first reason alone will be the biggest challenge for our relationship if he ever cheats on me…so let’s pray I don’t mess around and marry a T.H.O.T, hmmkay?

That T.H.O.T nation is loaded with T.H.O.Ts who don’t think much about the end results of their actions. They are just focused on T.H.O.Tirizing their life. It’s hard to avoid them. You dang near have to have a discernment like Jesus to avoid marrying a T.H.O.T from the T.H.O.T pool.

3 Reasons I Don’t Play Games with T.H.O.Ts

Trust Issues:

I don’t have trust issues. I’ve learned how to trust my judgment and God more but that doesn’t mean that even if I’ve chosen the perfect person to enter my life they won’t let other forces influence what they do. They can totally flip out and be someone completely different 5 years later. With that being said, once someone I’ve allowed to earn trust breaks my trust, that’s pretty much it. I can forgive them but it is extremely hard for me to ever trust them again. I’ll always have my guard up because I feel like if you did it once, you’ll do it again or even something worse. It would be difficult for me to continue a relationship with anyone who has lost my trust. Friends, family, boyfriend, husband… doesn’t really matter.

Diseases Kill:

Let’s be real, diseases spread faster when the person who has it has multiple partners. Faithful people don’t spread diseases all over the place. I’ve heard so many stories of a woman being faithful and her boyfriend or husband bring her AIDS or some other STD. It can happen to men, too. My point is, faithful people are contracting diseases from their T.H.O.Ting partners. I don’t want a man who is a walking cesspool of diseases he’s contracted or has been exposed to. Some diseases take a while to even show itself or to be diagnosed. It’s not cool to me that a man thinks so little of me that he would risk silently killing me with diseases. Not cool at all!

Killer Side Chicks:

Man listen! I watch a lot of crime shows and the number of side chicks killing (stepping out of line) the wife or girlfriend of the men they are messing around with is alarming. I understand that some men got that good good but it ain’t worth me losing my life over. She can have him. I don’t want my tires slashed. No windows broken. No drama. No nothing. Side chicks don’t know their place and things like this happen. People that cheat are irresponsible and live in a different world. This happens too often for a man to willingly put his woman through so much drama or in danger and it makes no sense to me…it’s a form of lack of protection.

I know I can be a bit dramatic but this type of stuff happens all the time. That’s why I jump ship when I meet men who play games.

When I think of what a man should be to his girlfriend/wife, I think of a protector. That’s how I see men that I date. If you can’t protect me, what do I need you for? If you are intentionally putting me in emotional and physical harm’s way, how is that protecting me?

My man should be my shield. A physical representation of who God is to me. And while he isn’t God, he should mirror God. If I can’t have a man who will protect me at the cost of his own flesh, I would rather be single. Protection is important to me. Because it is important to me, I’ll make sure I keep my man protected, too.

I don’t have time to play around with male T.H.O.Ts. If I can help it, I will avoid them at all costs.

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