• My Journey Back to God: And My Secrets Within Struggles

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    Being born into a family that didn't know their own identity, I spent most of my life unaware of who I was and who I belonged to. While I have struggled greatly in my faith throughout my life and with it being at it's worse between 2013-2016, because that was the period when I wanted to turn away from God completely, this book goes back to the beginning. From birth, our parents should raise us to know who God is and keep our identity in Him before us. When they don't, it opens us up to be heavily influenced by sin and horrible experiences. Sometimes, we experience bad things, regardless and that, too, begin to shift us into a life we wouldn't have otherwise lived. I have been raped by 8 people, lost everything I had, been homeless, been involved in domestic violence, had a child diagnosed with cancer, attempted to commit suicide and simply wanted to die at other times, and so much more. My Journey Back to God is a story of the moment I lost my identity before I even know who I was, the poor experiences I've encounter that shaped my life into pain, how I overcame those things, and the moment I said, "I'm sticking with God" after considering serving other Gods.
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